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Check-in/passport control/customs clearance

Check-in/passport control/customs clearance


  • After arriving at the airport you should go to one of the check-in stands, where after showing a valid ticket, an ID and other required documents such as: a visa, a vaccination certificate etc. you will get a boarding card/pass, which will entitle you to board the plane.
  • Later, your baggage will be weighted, properly marked and it will go through a security check and customs clearance during which you have to declare the goods on which you can claim VAT back. When Poland entered the European Union, the customs border between Poland and the remaining EU members ceased to exist so you have to add excise tax and VAT to the price of the goods bought in the duty free zone which are later taken to EU member states.
  • After all the procedures have been completed, registered baggage will be taken to the baggage compartment on the plane and you will cross the country’s border, i.e. you will find yourself in the transit area which you will not be allowed to leave before the take-off.


  • The check-in usually starts 2 hours before the plane’s departure and finishes 40 minutes before the plane’s departure but you are advised to inquire about your particular flight directly in the chosen airline. The length of the check-in may differ depending on internal arrangements of carriers and on the travelling destination. Punctuality is important – if you are late for check-in, you will probably not be allowed to board the plane.
  • In case you have to change planes and airlines during your flight, make arrangements to have at least four hours to collect your luggage and to check-in before the next part of your journey.
  • In some countries, the stay time of Polish citizens may be limited so it is advisable to have your departure date confirmed with a stamp at passport control. It will allow you to avoid problems with defining the stay time in another country.

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