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Cheap airlines

Cheap airlines

They offer as much safety as ordinary airlines. Competitive prices are mostly due to lowering comfort while travelling and reducing office management costs and the number of personnel.

In general, cheap carriers:

  • Do not offer passengers additional services, such as: a free meal, access to press during the flight;
  • They do not make it possible to book particular seats on a plane (for instance a window seat or an aisle seat) unless you pay extra; there is a rule “first come, first served”. The planes used by cheap carriers usually have the following seats layout: one aisle in the middle, 2 rows with 3 seats in each of them.
  • Do not return money in case a passenger resigns from his flight;
  • Do not allow to make preliminary booking and do not give any guarantee that the ticket price will remain unchanged and in case the current ticket price, taxes or administrative charges or other fees for the flight are lower, the passenger will not receive a refund;
  • do not allow to transport animals except for a guide dog, however travelling with it requires fulfilling specific conditions defined by the airline (documents, security measures);
  • usually use smaller airports which are often quite far away from the city center (even to 100 km);
  • do not issue paper tickets – check-in usually is based upon the booking number, which you receive via e-mail.

Selected connections

  1. Cracow

    from 370 PLN

    A city attracting with the power of a magnet thanks to its vast number of restaurants, galleries and various eateries.

    View details Loty do Krakowa

  2. Duesseldorf

    from 496 PLN

    With its posh Rheinuferpromenade, Dusseldorf can compete with Paris for the title of the fashion capital.

    View details Loty do Dusseldorfu

  3. Istanbul

    from 1036 PLN

    On the huge busy Kapal Çarş bazaar Europe is still haggling for precedence with Asia.

    View details Loty do Istambułu

  4. Hurghada

    from 1789 PLN

    Anthozoans, shoals of fish, ship wrecks at the bottom of the Red Sea – all of it awaits the divers- discoverers.

    View details Loty do Hurghady

  5. Dublin

    from 2359 PLN

    Conversations in Barra an Teampaill – a pub district - are livened up by the unique taste of Guinness.

    View details Loty do Dublina

  6. Amsterdam

    from 3161 PLN

    Go by bike to the Heineken’s Museum and go by ship to visit Rembrandt’s house. Long live tolerance!

    View details Loty do Amsterdamu

  7. Tokyo

    from 3233 PLN

    A megalopolis of contrasts, where tradition intertwines with modernity at every step.

    View details Loty do Tokio

  8. New York City, NY

    from 3446 PLN

    A city of senses: a mixture all of colors, smells and sounds. Visit the capital of the world.

    View details Loty do Nowego Jorku

  9. Cairo

    from 4506 PLN

    The Nile meter, the Alabaster Mosque, Madrasahs – a trace of powerful civilization has remained deeply imprinted in this city.

    View details Loty do Kairu

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