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All medicines should be declared at check-in. A passenger has the right to take commonly available medicines and medicinal product on board if he proves that he needs them during the flight. The authenticity of the possessed medicines will be verified and the volume of a single package cannot exceed 120 ml (4 oz).

Motion sickness:

    It may become particularly severe during take-off. There are a few ways to alleviate possible symptoms:
  • It is advisable to eat light food before the flight, for instance: vegetables, fruit, cereal bars or crisp biscuits and to avoid heavy meals, alcohol, tobacco, coffee or traditional strong tea. Drink ginger tea instead – it has been proven to have a soothing effect;
  • Select a window seat close to the wings – shocks and turbulences are least palpable here;
  • At take-off and landing great air pressure differences appear in the cabin, which can cause blocked ears. It can be prevented by chewing gum or sucking on sweets, by often swallowing saliva, yawning and letting air out through your ears while blocking your mouth and nose.

Long-term illnesses:

  • Even though some airlines do not require a document confirming the passenger’s health condition issued by a doctor, it is recommended to have such a document in case you need to take medicines and use application devices on board. If you are going abroad, make sure the document is translated into the language of the country of your destination. Such a document should include personal data, a list of medicines with their dosage and the contact details of your doctor. Among your travel documents, you should also have health insurance and other necessary details for writing a prescription.
  • In case you need to take some medical equipment on board, it has to be arranged with the carrier whether there is such a possibility while booking a ticket.
  • People suffering from diabetes should consult the dosage of insulin with their doctor. The volume of a single drink for people with diabetes cannot exceed 148 ml (5 oz.).
  • People suffering from heart diseases – it is on no account allowed to travel within 7 days after a heart attack and it is recommended to postpone the planned flight by a month. Stable coronary disease does not rule out travelling by plane, however it is prohibited to travel by plane within 5 days following an angioplasty treatment.
  • The disabled – persons using wheelchairs may be asked to use a replacement wheelchair received from the airline personnel on board. Their own wheelchair will be transported together with other baggage in the baggage compartment.

Selected connections

  1. Vienna

    from 881 PLN

    Waltz your way to one of the famous retro cafes for a piece of a sumptuous cheese cake.

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  2. Istanbul

    from 1036 PLN

    On the huge busy Kapal Çarş bazaar Europe is still haggling for precedence with Asia.

    View details Loty do Istambułu

  3. Rome

    from 1143 PLN

    If you need shoes, you must go to Rome! It is a heaven for ladies and gentlemen following the latest trends.

    View details Loty do Rzymu

  4. Oslo

    from 1541 PLN

    Pure, modern and swanky, a bit rough but hospitable – the exact Scandinavian style.

    View details Loty do Oslo

  5. Lisbon

    from 2802 PLN

    Once in a while lyrical Fado songs about love and destiny flow out of taverns and fill the streets of the White City with their wistful sounds.

    View details Loty do Lizbony

  6. Amsterdam

    from 3161 PLN

    Go by bike to the Heineken’s Museum and go by ship to visit Rembrandt’s house. Long live tolerance!

    View details Loty do Amsterdamu

  7. Tokyo

    from 3233 PLN

    A megalopolis of contrasts, where tradition intertwines with modernity at every step.

    View details Loty do Tokio

  8. New York City, NY

    from 3446 PLN

    A city of senses: a mixture all of colors, smells and sounds. Visit the capital of the world.

    View details Loty do Nowego Jorku

  9. Athens

    from 7502 PLN

    Reminiscence about the beautiful Aphrodite and the powerful Zeus is still in the air in the modern Athens.

    View details Loty do Aten

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