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Travelling documents

Travelling documents

  • The data on the ticket have to be the same as the data in the passenger’s ID, otherwise, the airport personnel has the right not to let the passenger on board despite the fact that he has bought a ticket. Therefore, while booking a ticket from efly.pl it is necessary to enter the same data as in your ID which you will use to check in.
  • Your ID should allow an unequivocal verification of your identity. Since 2006 biometric passports, which constitute an electronic record of your appearance, have been issued. They have an in-built microprocessor with your personal data and your photo and they should be kept in a special holder protecting the passport against folding and humidity.
  • An ID entitles you to travel within the European Union. However, you should check if during your flight, you will not have to change in a country which does not belong to the European Union. In such case, you will need a passport and unless you have it, you will be not allowed to board the next plane to continue your journey.
  • If you happen to forget or lose your ticket, it is not the end of the world. During booking you are assigned an individual alphanumerical code, under which your personal data and details about your flight are stored in the airline system. It is worth to have a printed confirmation of the reservation at hand, as based on the above mentioned code and your ID your name will be found on the passengers’ list and you will be allowed to check in.
  • The booking code is necessary in case you want to make any changes regarding the flight, for instance if you buy an option to carry extra baggage.
  • If you are going for a longer trip and the flight you have chosen has an intermediate landing, make sure whether the country in which the intermediate landing is scheduled, does not require obtaining a transit visa.
  • After arrival it is worth reading the brochures hung out in the airport display cabinets. They include information about dangerous places and potential threats and what to do in case of losing your ID or travelling documents.

Selected connections

  1. Cracow

    from 370 PLN

    A city attracting with the power of a magnet thanks to its vast number of restaurants, galleries and various eateries.

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  2. Frankfurt

    from 747 PLN

    The German Manhattan with the Skyscraper Festival – not necessarily for those with a fear of heights!

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  3. Vienna

    from 881 PLN

    Waltz your way to one of the famous retro cafes for a piece of a sumptuous cheese cake.

    View details Loty do Wiednia

  4. Istanbul

    from 1036 PLN

    On the huge busy Kapal Çarş bazaar Europe is still haggling for precedence with Asia.

    View details Loty do Istambułu

  5. Barcelona

    from 1109 PLN

    Situated in the center of the Gold Coast, the capital city of Catalonia is one of the most beautiful European cities.

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  6. Rome

    from 1143 PLN

    If you need shoes, you must go to Rome! It is a heaven for ladies and gentlemen following the latest trends.

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  7. Oslo

    from 1541 PLN

    Pure, modern and swanky, a bit rough but hospitable – the exact Scandinavian style.

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  8. Bangkok

    from 5816 PLN

    The Thai call it Krung Tep (City of Angels).The hottest metropolis of the world, not only in terms of weather.

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  9. Athens

    from 7502 PLN

    Reminiscence about the beautiful Aphrodite and the powerful Zeus is still in the air in the modern Athens.

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